Red Wine Cause Black Stool Can Red Wine Cause Dark Stool?

Can red wine cause dark stool? - red wine cause black stool

Yesterday I had about 2 glasses of red wine. Normally, white wines, but attempts to red. Today I had black stools / diareah I also had a salad of the day, I never had in a while. This could be the cause? Or should I worry I may have a bleeding ulcer?


Natasha G said...

The red wine would not be the faeces to appear black.

Do you have some Pepto-Bismo or Kaopectate before receiving the black chair? If so, DB Kao, and sometimes cause black stools. ...

If not consult, consult a doctor immediately. Tarry black stool color are a serious sign that you are bleeding somewhere in the upper digestive tract. Go right now. Good luck!

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